Welcome to my new website, a replacement for the old personal website of www.thefourthwall.gr.
I am a freelance Visualization Artist based in Athens, Greece. I have studied Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2003) and I have been awarded a M.Sc. in Design from the University of Aegean (2010). My primary field of expertise is the production of photorealistic still imagery using software, such as 3d Studio Max for modeling and Corona Renderer for the actual rendering process. For over a decade I have collaborated with corporate clients (furniture industries, architectural firms, design offices, real-estate companies) as well as private individuals. This combined experience in the field of computer graphics, has provided me with full knowledge and valued skills regarding the contemporary relationship between Design and 3D generation of digital imagery and, eventually, motivated me to establish “The Fourth Wall”.


Architectural visualization; includes exterior and interior 3D realistic visualizations of the highest quality. More than just rendering services, I offer my clients creative, cost efficient and functional solutions throughout the entire production process.
Furniture and Product Design visualization; includes creating photorealistic simulations that demonstrate, in the most attractive way possible, the product in question.
Graphic design; includes creating the actual visualization of logos, brands, names etc. mainly for participating contests.
In-house projects; includes (for the time being personal) projects that demonstrate the entire spectrum of the design process (conception, development and presentation) of an architectural proposal or a particular product.

Any feedback will be much appreciated, so please do leave your comments.